Group Information

To respond on the business globalization, the three business functions - cash management, business operations & internal affairs were decentralized and shifted on every area "Japan + Asia", "North America" and "Europe" last March 1, 2014. To lead to the whole growth of MIZKAN™ group, Mizkan Holdings will support and check the three business areas.

[Japan + Asia]

For over 210 years since its establishment, Mizkan has been delivering products and recipes for creating people's food culture. Some of the examples are Kasuzu, vinegar made from sake lees which was popular back in the Edo period, became perfect match for "haya-zushi"; "Ajipon™", which provoked the spread of mizutaki, a chicken broth hot pot, across Japan and vinegar proposed not only as a seasoning, but also as a beverage by introducing sour drinks and vinegar drinks. In every age we have consistently delivered "products" and "recipes" to our customers and will continue to do so in the future.

■ In Asia (outside of Japan), Mizkan focuses on sushi and other Japanese food business.

  • Temaki-zushi (hand-wrapped sushi) is a typical dish which Mizkan helped to popularize.

[North America]

In North America, we operate vinegar and Hispanic food businesses, and brands such as the No. 1 selling cooking wine for the American homes, Holland House, and rice vinegar, NAKANO. In June 2014, we acquired "Ragu", the top pasta sauce brand in North America, and "Bertolli", the leading premium pasta sauce brand.
Both brands are rooted in local food culture, and are long standing family favorites throughout the United States.
We offer "products" and "recipes" as in Japan and aims at a global growth by developing our brands.


In Europe, we conduct product development and propositions in line with the local market environment, as we do in Japan and North America.
In 2012, we acquired "Sarson's" (vinegar) - the top vinegar brand in the U.K., "Haywards" (sour pickles) - the top brand in its category, and their manufacturing facilities.
In 2013, we also acquired "Branston" (sweet pickles) and their manufacturing facilities, and will continue to expand our business in the future.

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