A Taste of Singapore with Chef CATherina Hosoi
28 October 2019

Singapore is a small nation in SE Asia. It is known as the Asian Tiger with tall buildings dominating its skyline and a country not short of beautiful places to visit. It has a multicultural population which makes it a melting pot of culinary flavors; from Chinese, to Malay, to Indian and Japanese cuisines. Whatever flavor you’re craving for, Singapore has it!

Mizkan Asia Pacific is committed to deliver its products not only to Japanese homes and cuisines but across the world and in Singapore.

CATherina Hosoi, one of Singapore’s renowned celebrity chefs and food consultant has been a fan of Mizkan products for years. Chef CAT even uses and introduces it on her cooking classes. We were very fortunate to collaborate and be part of one of Chef’s exclusive culinary classes. During the demo, she created three original Mizkan recipes:

• Sichuan Suan La Tang:
• Filled Brinjal Rings Served with Mizkan Vinegar Sauce and Honey mustard flavor:
• Mizkan Kantan Su Fresh Fruit Juice :

It was a joy watching Chef CAT doing what she loves, sharing her culinary passion and expertise to everyone who loves food. The entire studio was filled with savoury aroma from all the dishes she made. After the class, everyone had a taste of the different dishes and it was truly a gastronomic delight, bursting with Singapore’s flavor made more especial with Mizkan products.

To know more about Chef CAT or future Mizkan cooking collaborations, please visit the following websites: