Soup Base for Hot Pot (Sesame and Soymilk Nabe) Straight Type

Rich flavored soup base series for hot pot. Smooth, rich and mild flavored sesame and soymilk hot pot soup with combination of chicken and kelp soup finished by adding sesame and soymilk.


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Product Information
Product ID 65130
UPC Code
JAN Code 4902106648796
Food Service / Retail Retail
Size × Pack 750g x 12
Case Size Length: 350 mm
Width 215 mm
Height 255 mm
Weight 10 kg
Shelf Life 1080 days
Nutrition Facts (per 100g)
Energy 47.0 kcal
Moisture 90.1 g
Protein 1.9 g
Fat 3.2 g
Carbohydrate 2.7 g
Ash 2.1 g
NaCl Equivalent 1.9 g
Sodium 763.0 mg
Alcohol -
Acidity -
Others -
Brix -

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