Onion Leeks Sesame and Soymilk Udon

Onion Leeks Sesame and Soymilk Udon

Cooking Time: 10 minutes

Serves: 2 person(s)

How to make

[1]Diagonally slice onion leeks, shred carrots and thickly slice perilla.

[2]Shake well Mizkan Soup base for Hot Pot[SESAME AND SOYMILK NABE] Straight Type before transferring into a pot. Turn on the heat and bring into a boil then add onion leeks, carrots and shimeji mushroom. Once the vegetables are cooked, add the meat until cook.

[3] In a bowl, place boiled udon noodles. Add [2] then garnish with perilla.

Recipe Video


Calorie Protain Fat Carbohydrate Calcium Salt


Udon Noodles (2 packs)
Onion leeks (1 pc)
Carrots (1/3 pc)
Shimeji mushroom (1/2 pack)
Perilla (2 pcs)
Soup Base for Hot Pot (Sesame and Soymilk Nabe) Straight Type 750g (1 pack)
Pork / Beef for Shabu Shabu (as desired)