Boiled Sausages

Boiled Sausages

Cooking Time: 10 minutes

Serves: 4 person(s)

How to make

1) Boil water in pot. Cook sausages
2) Transfer sausages and the cooked vegetables from the <garnishes>, including parsley, onto prepared dishes. Serve by adding preferred MIZKAN™ Sesame Sauce


Calorie Protain Fat Carbohydrate Calcium Salt
190 kcal 6.3 g 12.7 g 13 g 12 mg 1.2 g


Sausages (8 pieces)
Sesame Sauce Roasted Coarse Type (As appropriate)
Sesame Sauce with Roasted Nuts (As appropriate)
Potatoes (As appropriate)
Carrots (As appropriate)
Parlsey (As appropriate)