Cooking Time: 20 minutes

Serves: 4 person(s)

How to make

[1] Slice chicken into bite size pieces. Thinly slice onion.

[2] In a frying pan, add Tsuyu Soup Base with Bonito Extract and water and let it simmer. Add[1].

[3] Once the chicken thigh in [1] is cooked, add beaten egg and cook until the egg if half cook.

[4] In a bowl of rice add [3] and garnish with Japanese persely

Recipe Video


Calorie Protain Fat Carbohydrate Calcium Salt


Chicken Thigh (1 pc)
Onion (1pc)
Egg (6pcs)
Rice (1 bowl)
Tsuyu Soup Base with Bonito Extract (1 cup)
Water (2 cup)
Mitsuba (Japanese parsley) (as desired)